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Since 1981, our team has been developing technologies to manage the 5 key factors that affect climate conditions: Vacuum, Humidity, Pressure, Temperature and Luminance. Continuous and in-depth R & D engagement leads us to innovative, high-quality and reliable construction, while investing in excellent human resources and new production means, ensures our customers reliability, low cost of operation and retantion. Our company's outward orientation offers us sustainability, immediate recognition of needs and trends.

Passionate engineers, experienced manufacturers, problem solvers, business innovators; throughout our 30 years in business - and counting, we have added many different qualities to our corporate mix. Driven by a result-oriented approach that combines in-depth R&D and innovation with exceptional human capital and integrity, our team has efficiently developed technologies to manage the 5 key factors that affect climate conditions: Vacuum, Humidity, Pressure, Temperature and Luminance.

Gellert laboratory

Empowered by science

We started back in 1981 as high-tech equipment manufacturers and traders for both research and commercial purposes, namely climatic growth chambers, incubators, and quality control systems for chemical laboratories. Our portfolio also included chemical reactors, laboratory apparatus, glassware, supplies and more. Good news (so as good business), travel fast! In 1987 we opened our first branch in Athens and took a strategic decision to expand to other European markets. By the end of 1999, we were already an official state partner for technical assistance to SMEs, especially in the food sector, and had successfully added industrial and supply chain solutions to our product offering.

Gellert Lyophilization Freeze Drying manufacturing testing process

An inclusive approach to innovation

Today, we are proud to have established an extended network of clients and partners in various industries; food & diary products (Forlong™), petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power plants, laboratories, universities and research institutions, agricultural associations and more. Our lyophilisation technology is embedded in high-tech equipment manufacturing, laboratory equipment trading and industrial applications, and we are happy that our innovational work has been awarded by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises.

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Engineering excellence fuelling growth

Infusing scientific progress into everyday business lies in the heart of Gellert. Our meticulously elaborated methodology involves the talent and skill of highly trained experts, state-of-the-art R&D facilities (fully equipped mechanical and electronic laboratory) and top quality service at every stage; our team of technical experts carries out system installations in tandem with exceptional after sales support (consulting, spare parts availability).

Lyophilization Freeze Drying