lyophilizer CRYO 20™, gellert

CRYO 20™

CryoDryer 20™
CryoDryer 20™
CryoDryer 20™
CryoDryer 20™

PILOT [20-40KG]

CRYO 20™

Ice condenser capacity: 20kg
Ice condenser performance: 18Kg/24hr
Ice condenser temperature: -50 °C
Chamber volume: 300 L
Shelf dimensions: 500x700 mm (B x T)
Number of shelves: 6 + 1
Shelf area: 1,95 m²
Shelf spacing: 40 mm
Shelf temperature: -35 °C  to +40 °C
Shelf temperature accuracy: max. ±1 °C
Ice condenser cooling system: Air cooled
Shelf cooling system: (see ice condenser
cooling system)
Unit dimensions: 1878 x 1082 x 1062 mm
(H x W x D)

Pilot lyophilizers are suitable for product development but also for the production of small quantities.

They simulate the operation of industrial units and the user can transfer the developed recipe on larger commercial freeze dryers.

They have heated / cooled shelves with an area from 2 m2 to 4 m2 and a capacity from 20 kg to 40 kg.

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